Connected Solutions.

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As digitalization progresses, nothing is staying as it was. For homes and businesses, this results in a range of options for configuring their electricity supply independently, efficiently and flexibly. In order to best support them, SMA has initiated several future-oriented projects and initiatives.


When it comes to combining ecology and economy, the Häde family from Alheim-Heinebach in Hessen, Germany, likes to be at the cutting edge of development. Leonhard Häde converted his model poultry farm to organic farming back in the 1970s, and the first PV system was installed on the family-run farm in 2001. Now the Hädes are proving their pioneering spirit again. As the first users of SMA’s energy management platform ennexOS, they will be trailblazers in digital energy supply.


From inverter manufacturers to energy service provider – SMA will exploit the opportunities of digitalization with disruptive approaches. Jochen Schneider established the new subsidiary coneva GmbH with headquarters in Munich together with Frank Blessing and Frank Reichenbach. With innovative digital energy services, the start-up is showing its customers the way to a decentralized and networked energy future.


“Don’t ask for permission beforehand, just go for it,” is the motto that SMA Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Jürgen Reinert, provides to an interdisciplinary project team, which is faced with the huge challenge of developing a new, globally applicable inverter concept with maximum market penetration in nine months while halving manufacturing costs. Background: In a dynamic environment, it is essential to forge ahead with innovations. For this reason, developers at SMA are using new approaches.


Competition among conventional energy carriers is seeing solar power prices fall dramatically. This is a difficult situation for project developers and investors who install and operate large PV power plants. In tenders and auctions for new power generation capacities, they are awarded contracts only if they guarantee very low prices and high reliability in the supply of electricity. To support them in this, an international team has developed the SMA Profit+ solution.